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Dr.Ramakant Bembde,Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

 About Dr.Ramakant Bembde
Dr.Bembde is a Board  Certified Senior Consultant Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon with his own ultramodern & one of the biggest Private Plastic Surgery Hospital set up in India , since 1999.
He has special interest and expertise in Cosmetic Surgery since last 16 years.He is very well known in his speciality as an innovator,dynamic,skilled Cosmetic Surgeon & a great entrepreneur.

Academic Training,Qualifications &  Achievements:
 He has completed M.Ch. Plastic Surgery Super speciality training at Topiwala National Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital Mumbai (Bombay) in 1998, after having completed three years Master’s degree in General Surgery in 1994.
 He has also been awarded the prestigious degree of Diplomat of National Board in Plastic Surgery in 1998.He was also honored with the degree of M.N.A.M.S. (Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences) .
  He has also done postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cancer Reconstructive & Microvascular Surgery at one of the biggest cancer hospital in Asia - Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai during 1998 to 1999.
 Dr.Bembde has also completed specialized Laboratory Course in Microsurgery Training Institute at prestigious & world renowned Ganga Hospital,Coimbatore under the guidance of great Microvascular Surgeon Dr.Raja Sabapathy as per the prescribed curriculum advised by Prof. Robert Acland, Louisville, USA – Father of Modern Micro – vascular Surgery.
These are the highest academic qualifications in the field of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in India.
Landmark surgery during training - Dr.Bembde has successfully performed hand replantation for a case of amputation of hand,using loupe & few primitive microsurgery instruments in June 1997.This was the very first successful replantation in the Dept. of Plastic Surgery ,Nair Hospital ,Mumbai.

 Dr.Ramakant Bembde has been awarded by the Gujarat Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India with the very prestigious P.K.Bilwani Award in September 2013 in recognition of his extraordinary contribution & Research in the field of Burns Care in India .

Clinical Presentations:
He has presented many original research papers on  Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery , Liposuction and Abdominoplasty , Diabetic foot ulcer management , Microvascular Replantation and revascularization ,Reconstruction for complex Leg and foot defects, Meek micrografting,Early excision of burn wounds, Fracture penis ,Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Pediatric burns , Hand burns management , Mega-excision and grafting in major  Burns in many International ,National and Regional Conferences , World Congress of Plastic Surgery –IPRAS,  Asia Pacific Burn Conference , APSICON- National conference of all India Plastic Surgeons, NABICON-National Academy of Burns Conference, MASICON & MOACON – Maharashtra Orthopedics Conference ,etc.
Also he has been frequently invited as National Faculty at various conferences all over India.

 He has published original research article on Pedicled Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Reconstruction of groin defect for Cancer of Penis in European Journal of Plastic Surgery in1999.

Professional & Clinical Achievements:
 Dr.Ramakant Bembde is one of the Few Plastic Surgeons in India to become the member of International Society of Burn Injuries since 2006.
 He has designed & advised new protocols suitable for Indian burns setup for doing early excision and immediate grafting in severe deep burns injuries.He has coined the term 'Mega excisions' for early excision of more than 25% of TBSA burn wounds at a single stage.He is the first Plastic surgeon in India to perform Early Mega excisions & immediate skin grafting,especially Meek Micro grafting for major burns.
He is treating patients from all over Maharashtra and adjacent states of India.
Bembde Hospital being one of the biggest , most advanced and successful Plastic Surgery Hospital in India ,Dr.Bembde has been invited to deliver guest lectures in many National Conferences & Meetings on "How to Establish Successful Plastic Surgical Hospital Set Up ".
Bembde Hospital is an ’Inspirational Model’ for the young generation of Plastic Surgeons of India.
He has performed more than 7000 successful plastic & cosmetic surgery cases of different varieties during last 16 years.

Special Interests:
Dr.Bembde is pioneer in the region for many cosmetic surgeries like Breast implant, Breast reconstruction, Breast Reduction , Rhinoplasty , Tissue expander for hair restoration , Mega Liposuction ,Tummy Tuck, Post Bariatric Cosmetic corrective surgery, Brachioplasty , Blepharoplasty , Autologous Fat injections for facial rejuvenation , Microdermabrasion , CO2 LASER , Acne surgery, Dermabrasion , Ear reconstruction, Hymenoplasty , Vaginoplasty,etc.

Dr.Bembde Performs cosmetic procedures on regular basis like :
Nose Reshaping,, Otoplasty (Ear shape up) , Mastopexy(breat lift) ,Scars over face , Gynecomastia ,Lip Augmentation & Reduction , Abdominoplasty , Botox , Shaping up after pregnancy ,Hyperpigmentation , Acne & other scars treatment ,Buttock Augmentation , Keloids ,Body contouring after massive weight loss such as Mini Abdominoplasty,Belt Abdominoplasty,Lower Body Lift,Buttock Lift,Trunk Lift,Dimple creation , Surgery for Re-virgination , Skin tightening (post bariatric) , Fillers for face, Tattoo Removal , Facial implants , Pre- Wedding Beautification (Bridal) ,Chin implants , Hair Transplant , Facial Rejuvenation , Mesotherapy for hair growth , Face lift , Thread Lift,Hair Restoration , Brow lift , Hair Treatment after chemotherapy , Non-Surgical Body Contouring ,Non- surgical Inch Reduction ,Double Chin Reduction , Jaw line Reduction ,Wrinkle Reduction ,Belly Reduction,etc.

Humanitarian Work:
Dr.Bembde is the only Project Director & an active partner of Humanitarian work under Smile Train Project , USA  for central Maharashtra region for providing free plastic surgery for patients of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate deformities since 2007.
He has also done free cleft surgeries under Transforming Faces Wordwide project at rural remote hospital at Jamkhed for many years.
He has also performed free Plastic surgeries for patients having postburn deformities under Operation Smile Project at Mumbai.
Also he regularly conducts free camps for poor patients having deformities.
 Dr. Bembde & his hospital team has keen interest in the prevention of Burns & Hand trauma. He is educating about  prevention of burns & industrial accidents at schools, colleges & industrial sectors regularly  as a social responsibility.
Women for Women Project of IPRAS for providing free Plastic Surgeries to the female patients of Domestic Violence is conducted by Dr.Bembde in September 2013.
He has also done many free surgeries on Leprosy patients to correct various paralytic deformities at various camps in Vadodara ,Nanded & many other places.

Memberships of Professional & Academic Bodies

Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.
Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons of India.
Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Association of Hair Restorative Surgeons of India.
Indian Society for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Cosmetology Society of India
International Society for Burn Injuries
Indian Society for the Surgery of the Hand
Indian Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
Indian Society for Cleft Lip and Palate and Cranio - Facial Anomalies
Brachial plexus Surgery Group of India
National Academy of Burns in India.
Diabetic Foot Society of India.
Indian Medical Association

 Dr.Ramakant Bembde is Executive body member of Maharashtra Association of Plastic Surgeons.
Also he is Member of Indian Medical Association Special Committee on Nursing Home & Medical Establishment.

Conferences & Workshops:
Dr.Bembde has attended more than 100 clinical meetings ,workshops & conferences focused on Cosmetic & Plastic surgery since last 20 years.
Some of the exclusive & focused scientific workshops conducted by the Pioneers in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and actively participated by Dr.Bembde are :

2014-Annual conference of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgerons.

2014- ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Educational Council Course,Jaipur, conducted by Dr.Nazim Cerkes,Dr.Renato Saltz & Dr.Kontoes.

2013-International Live Operative Workshop on 3D Lipo-sculpting & Body Liposuction ,Mumbai ,conducted by Dr.Luiz Toledo & Dr.Thomas Biggs.

2013- International Live Surgical Rhinoplasty Workshop with Hands on Cadaveric Dissection Course ,Pune,conducted by Prof.Dr.Wolfang Gubisch.

2013-Conference & Workshop on Breast Reconstruction & Breast Aesthetic Surgery ,Mumbai .

2013- Triennial Congress of International Federation of Societies for Surgery of Hand ,New Delhi.

2012- Annual Conference of Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons of India .

2012- Indian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery (ISRM) .

2011- Annual Conference of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons -India ,Ahmedabad.

2010- Annual Conference of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India,Goa.

2010- Live Operative Breast Workshop- Mumbai.

2009- Asia Pacific Burns Conference, N. Delhi

2009-World Congress of International Confederation for Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery (IPRAS).

2008-3rd Internationl Aesthetic Surgery Tutorials,Mumbai.

2007- Live Operative Workshop on Rhinoplasty,Mumbai.

2006-Indian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery (ISRM) ,Coimbatore.

2006-Annual Conference of Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons  ,Mumbai.

2005- International update & Work shop on Facial Enhancement &
       body contouring,Goa.

 2005 - 9th Asian Pacific Congress of IPRAS,

2004 – Review Courses in Hand Surgery, Coimbatore.

2002 - Biennial Meet of ISRM – Mumbai.

2001 - Workshop and Conference, Indian Society of Facial Plastic &
           Reconstructive Surgery, Indore.

 2001- Aesthetic Surgery Workshop on Hair Transplant & Chemical Peeling ,Baroda.

 2001 – Cosmetic Dermatology seminar. The Cosmetology Society, Mumbai.

2000-Rhinoplasty Instructional Course,New Delhi .

1999- APSICON ,Goa.

1998- Workshop on Septo-Rhinoplasty- Mumbai.

1998-Diabetic Foot Problems Meeting, Mumbai.

 1997 - BAICON-Mumbai .

1996- APSICON,New Delhi.

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