Sunday, 9 March 2014

Best Plastic & Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery in Aurangabad

Welcome to The State of Art Cosmetic Surgery Centre at Bembde Hospital,Aurangabad.Bembde Hospital is the most favored destination for Aesthetic Surgery in this region & one of the biggest & modern Plastic Surgery Hospital in India. Our Cosmetic Surgery Centre has a very beautiful ambience and warm & cheerful staff taking utmost patient care.
  Role of Cosmetic Surgery:
  Physical appearance of an individual is as important as his inner well being . Looking young & beautiful is a right of everybody.The first impression is the best impression ! Hence self image has become very important for personal, professional & social life.
Sometimes body may need real structural changes apart from healthy lifestyle, exercise & skin care. Here comes the role of cosmetic surgery to make your body more beautiful.
          Cosmetic Plastic Surgery centre at Bembde Hospital is an ultimate destination for such individuals who wants to enhance their personality, looks, physical image and self esteem. Our expertise & skills can help you to get new self confident and better presentable person.
Cosmetic Plastic surgery can be helpful to improve certain areas of body about which an individual is unhappy. Cosmetic correction of even a minute defect can bring a great self confidence & creat a positive self image.
Goals - Consistent, Safe, Effective and Aesthetically pleasing results.
We provide high quality Aesthetic surgery & services at reasonable cost.The cost of cosmetic surgery is reasonable because, it is a self owned hospital & not a corporate hospital industry.
Bembde Hospital is the centre of excellence & pioneer centre for cosmetic surgery in & around Aurangabad & Central Maharashtra since 1999.

Confidentiality, Comfort & Privacy –
         We have exclusive separate floor for respecting the confidentiality & privacies of our cosmetic surgery patients.We take special care for this.
Also we have excellent accommodation facility with beautiful and specious super deluxe and VIP suits with superb panoramic view of the world famous monument of 'Bibika Makabara'( Taj Mahal of Deccan India) & Deogiri Fort.
Our Reputation-
            Our hospital is visited & appreciated by several eminent National & International Cosmetic Surgeons from USA, Germany, Hungery, Finland, United Kingdom, Dubai, & Saudi Arabia etc.
Apart from prestigious Smile Train Project,USA,Bembde Hospital has an honor of conducting International Charity Plastic Surgery Missions along with reputed senior Cosmetic Surgeons of Europe for providing free surgeries to the unfortunate victims of domestic violence under the banner of WFW (Women for Women) project of International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery(IPRAS). All International Faculties have found our hospital as having International standard of infrastructure with very well trained hospital staff with excellent clinical results.
    We are pioneer in cosmetic surgery in this region since 1999. We for the very first time started Liposuction, Body Contouring, Rhinoplasty, Breast Reconstruction, Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery, Hymenoplasty, Tissue expander surgery, & Autologous Fat Transfer Surgery in this part of country. The first Breast implant, Large volume mega Liposuction, and Hair transplant surgeries in this region were performed in Bembde hospital only.

 Cosmetic Surgery Specialty Clinics :

1)Liposuction and Body Contouring Clinic
2)Gynecomastia Clinic
3)Breast Implant & Surgery Clinic
4)Mommy Makeover Surgery Clinic
5)Rhinoplasty – Nose Reshaping Clinic
6)Facial Rejuvenation Clinic
7)Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery
8)Botox and Fillers Clinic
9)Hair Transplant and Restoration clinic
10)Vitiligo- White Patches Treatment Clinic
11)Scars and Tattoo Removal Clinic
12)Revision Cosmetic Surgery
13)Acne Scars-Dermabrasion Clinic
14) Dermaroller and Microdermabrasion Clinic
15)Laser clinic –CO2 Laser
16)Ear and Eyelids Surgery Clinic
17)Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
18)Non surgical Cosmetology Clinic

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